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France (March 2006)
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Romain PISON resume / CV

Romain Pison

Romain PISON resume

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Address (2006):
351 Marine Avenue Apt. A9
Brooklyn, 11209, NYC, USA
Updated Address (2009):
1702 Summit Place NW Apt 404
Washington DC, 20009, USA
Updated Address (2012):
DUE, 1068 Rue Onambele Nkou
Rond Point Nlongkak
BP 847 Yaounde

Experience within the United Nations:

          UN-HABITAT (June 2005 - October 2005)
  • Supported the Office in the reporting and follow up discussion on the implementation of the Habitat Agenda to the General Assembly and other intergovernmental processes;

  • Assisted development of a framework for action to reinforce cooperation between Civil Society and the UN : capacity building approach / local and country approach (with WHO, UNDP, FAO and ILO Officers);

  • Attended as requested relevant meetings of inter-governmental bodies, including the General Assembly and its Committees, ECOSOC, Comissions, as well as UN Secretariat bodies (habitat, housing, low-energy buildings, humanitarian crises and shelter issues);

  • Prepared summary reports in accordance with UN Habitat objectives;

  • Assisted the Office in liaising with other United Nations organizations and development agencies located in New York on matter requiring cooperation and coordination on shelter and sustainable human settlements;

  • Assisted the Office to support Habitat Agenda partners located or represented in New York and North America to promote the implementation, monitoring and follow-ups of the Habitat Agenda, the Global Urban Indicators Database and the Best Practices Database;

    UN DPI (September 2005)

  • Prepared TOR for Media Liaison Assistant - 2005 World Summit at the UNHQ in New York City;

  • Recruited, selected and organized teams for the 2005 World Summit and 60th General Assembly Session through 200 applications;

  • Selected assistant according to their skills and media needs (teams organization);

  • Provided extensive assistance with Pre-Summit organization and events;

  • Facilitated media access to meetings, events, press conferences and stakeouts;

  • Assisted with interviews, stand ups and filming of arrivals and departures of world leaders;


Romain Pison * New York * 2006